3 Interesting Facts About Albania

People belonging to the age of information technology are quite aware of the fact that there are many changes, which are in our life because of technological advancement. The world has taken the form of a global village. Travelling had not been easier before but now people have access to the entire world. Every now and then, people are trying to explore fun facts about different places so that they can see those places in person. If you are here to know about Albania, read on below for more information. 

Albania: Lying in the heart of Southeastern Europe, Albania is a small country. Tirana is the capital city of Albania comprising a population of 700,000. People of Albania speak Albanian as the official language. 

3 Interesting Facts 
Fact #1 
In the 14th century, Islam was introduced in Albania. Majority of people that live in Albania are Muslims. The country was under the Ottoman rule, which is why there are many Muslims in the country. It is an interesting fact about this country. Knowing the culture and religion of a place would make it easy to travel. It is a good idea to learn a little bit about a certain place before visiting the place in person. 
Fact #2 
Albania is the largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world. Wow, this is something amazing to know. Hundred percent of the energy in the country is hydroelectric. Knowing this particular fact might make a person wish to see this particular country in person. Nowadays, it is easy to travel to different places around the world. Just knowing the facts is not enough at times as people would like to see that particular place in person. 
Fact #3 
We are all aware of the benefits of walking. But, do you know that people in Albania give it special preference. The official evening walk in Albania is known as xhiro. All the residents come out and walk together. People talk and walk until night and sometimes even the roads are closed for this purpose. How interesting and amazing does that sound? It would be fun to visit this particular place and knowing about the famous walk in person. Some facts are so interesting that it creates a willingness to visit that particular place in person. 
Final Words
 Reading the fun facts or the interesting facts of a certain place would make you want to visit that particular place in person. Hence, knowing the interesting facts about Albania might spark the interest of traveling in you. Traveling is an important part of life. We learn so much about a certain place, culture, and people by visiting the place in person. There is tons of information available online but reading about a place versus visiting it in person are two different things. Gone are the days when people would be confined to visit limited places as now there is a possibility of going to different places around the world. 

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